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Irritability, Anger, Occasional Depression, Sudden Onset

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Prior to this phase I’d been generally a very calm person, people I work with even commenting on how they never see me angry or upset.

Don’t even really remember when I started to get irritable and angry though, just found that I’d start going through most days being frustrated by just about anything, if there wasn’t something I’d end up finding it. I’d be yelling, cursing, and pretty much just feeling pissed off at everything.

Took time off work, thinking I was stressed, but even on my time off I’d be finding stuff that irritated me, and on my first day back I was in a bad mood before I’d even finished saying hello to everyone.

Have the occasional night where I just come home in such a bad mood I sit down, and before I know it its a few hours later also.

Couple nights back one of the other staff actually took a step back after they had said hello and I kind of just instinctively turned around and snapped “What” to them.

I’ve found recently to that I’ve started to snap at my friends and try to drive them away. Which is something I’ve done in the past years ago, because I felt kind of like I was just on my own and no one else cared. Last time this happened I ended up in withdrawal and not seeing any of my friends for over a year before something clicked and I just felt better again.

End of last week all I could think about was just getting in my car after work and driving away to start another life elsewhere in the country and never come back to anything or anyone in my current one again. I actually ended up driving off about an hour before I stopped and thought I didn’t even have any idea where I was going.

Guess I’m just wondering what might be causing these seemingly arbitrary shifts to intense anger and frustration and then back again. (From Australia)

Irritability, Anger, Occasional Depression, Sudden Onset

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Because of the sudden onset and the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any inciting issues, I would highly recommend a thorough medical valuation first. There are a wide variety of possibilities that could initiate this kind of reaction.

The physician can then make recommendations about an intervention. Ruling out a medical cause is the best place to begin.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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Irritability, Anger, Occasional Depression, Sudden Onset

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