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I Am Concerned about My Mental Health

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I’m questioning my sanity. Psychosis and similar issues run on my fathers side of the family. Recently I’ve been put on Prozac for my depression. Since, I’ve started to realize how out of control my mental health really is. Since I was a child I would go to extreme lengths to lie for no real reason, and I was so good at it I believed myself. As I’ve gotten older (I am 18 now) I have realized that my behavior is abnormal. I see the choices I make as character development rather than rational decisions. I lie to people I care about for no true reason and I can’t stop myself. I often talk to myself acting out possible situations with people I know. I never found my behavior weird until I was put on anti depressants. It has become clear to me that I most likely have some serious issues. It’s gotten to the point where I doubt everything I thought I once knew about myself. I am overall lost and confused and I understand that asking these questions won’t give me a diagnoses but I hope for at least an explanation of what this could be.

I Am Concerned about My Mental Health

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It’s common for people your age to begin to question their choices and behavior. Developmentally, it’s quite normal. You have noticed, quite insightfully, that lying is a problem. You are learning that it’s not something you can continue doing without detrimental consequences. This realization is a good thing. It shows positive psychological growth.

You mentioned being confused. You behaved one way all your life and are now realizing that you have to change because it is no longer working. Naturally, confusion would follow. It makes sense that you would feel this way.

You’re worried about psychosis but nothing in your letter would indicate psychosis. Furthermore, you were apparently evaluated by a physician who prescribed Prozac. Prozac is primarily indicated for depression. That means that the physician who evaluated you did not believe you had a psychotic disorder otherwise he or she would’ve prescribed a medication that is indicated for psychosis. Your being psychotic is unlikely.

You are a good candidate for counseling. Counseling could help you learn new behaviors and feel less confused. Medication alone, for many people, is not enough. Comprehensive psychological treatments often involve both counseling and medication. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Am Concerned about My Mental Health

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