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My Boyfriend Is Bipolar

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Dear all,
I was looking for answers on the internet when I came across this website. Here is my problem:
My boyfriend is bipolar and he is taking his medication since 4 months now and he is willing to get his life back, so he is seeing his psychiatric on regular basis and taking his medications every day
He is still very depressed, he had had a severe psychose episode, and was in hospital for almost a month. We travelled together when he was “maniac” and that lasted almost 2 months and then he is now facing depression for 4 months.
I really have strong feelings for him but his condition is really scaring me and I’m really confused as I don’t know what to do, saying that, we have been dating for 6 months only and we are still getting to know each other better.
What scares me the most is that sometimes, he seems to accept his condition but other time, he doesn’t think he is bipolar which makes things hard.
I didn’t know anything about “bipolar” till I met him, and then I didn’t really researched much till the psychose episode when I really was scared of him, but I was scared he would kill himself.
It was then when I started to search for informations and look for answer and read people’s feed back.
I really want to be there for him, but seeing him depressed all the time is really hard as I feel useless. He spends his days seating in the couch and watching TV, smoking and might go for a walk.
I’m 29 and I’m not sure this is the life that I want, saying that I really love him, but is it enough?
I learnt recently that the medications are there to help, but the condition will be there forever, there could be less ups and downs but we will still have to deal with moods swings, is that true?
I sometimes feel selfish because I just want to leave him and have a normal life, but I really want to fight for our couple and help him to get through this, even if sometimes I think I need help as well as dealing with a bipolar person is far away from being easy.
I’m scared of being dragged in his own depression and just become a shadow of myself. Thank you for your help. (From Australia)

My Boyfriend Is Bipolar

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I appreciate that this is a tough issue for you. It is clear how much you care, yet at the same time it is clear how difficult his struggle is. It sounds as if his swings are rather intense and I would highly recommend he have a complete evaluation by a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is going to be able to determine the nature of his medical needs.

Unfortunately this particular kind of illness really needs management by a professional at this stage. Your love and caring or exemplary. However he will need more than that in order to help him cope, and help you cope as a couple.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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My Boyfriend Is Bipolar

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