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Believe I Have Multiple Personality Disorder

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From a young man in the U.S.: I have been experiencing a fair amount of stress from my new relationship and family. The past 2 nights my girlfriend has been receiving text messages from my number at 2 am saying that I wanted to break up with her. The next night at the same time she received another text in a different form but still implying that i want to break up with her (the second text had to do with an Edgar Allan Poe). There were also pictures posted on my instagram for both days even after i changed my password after the first day.

With this I realized that it had to be someone who has my phone and the only people who would have access to it at 2 am would be someone in my family (mother, father or brother) and my brother is the only person who is smart enough to do this.

However I am now thinking that I could be the person sending these text messages in my sleep because my brother told me, on the morning of the second day of text messages my girlfriend received (which were related to Edgar Allan Poe poems), that I walked into his room at around 1 am and started saying the name Edgar Allan Poe. I also texted him at night as well apparently.

I’m very nervous of what could be happening right now. Could this be multiple personality disorder? I don’t even see the text message that my girlfriend receives on my own phone. Could this actually happen? Could I wake up with a different personality at around 2 am and cover my tracks like this? I just don’t know anymore. Could you please explain this? Do i need to see a psychologist?

Believe I Have Multiple Personality Disorder

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Anything is possible, of course. But from what you told me, I’m thinking your brother is messing with you. It’s highly unlikely that MPD would suddenly show up in such a limited and specific way. Before making an appointment with a psychologist, keep your phone in a safe place at night. Better yet, change your phone number. Then see what happens.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Believe I Have Multiple Personality Disorder

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