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I Feel Like I Want to Change Myself

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From the U.S.: Is there name for a mental disorder in which a person watches a film or show and the want to be the person? Or is that just being childish? Sometime’s I watch things and I feel like I want to change myself. Like for example watching an Irish film and wanting to be Irish. Also is there a name for a disorder in which you speak with an accent sometimes unintentionally? I know that happens for people who’ve had head trauma, but I haven’t had any. Sorry of the two questions.

I Feel Like I Want to Change Myself

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At 21, it’s absolutely normal to be “trying on” alternative possibilities for yourself. One of the ways people learn about options is through watching TV or movie characters or by reading interesting stories. You are in the important process of discovering who you want to be as an adult. As one of my clients once said to me, “It’s like trying on clothes to see which style fits me best.” She’s right. It’s not just about discovering. It’s also about deciding what to adopt into your own style.

As for the accents: Some people, especially singers and actors, are natural mimics. If they are around people who speak with an accent for awhile, they start to speak with the cadence of the language as well.

One of my musician friends says that when he was younger, it was a little embarrassing at times because people thought he was making fun of them. He wasn’t. Both then and now, he absorbs the sounds and starts doing them. He learned to let people know that he’s just fascinated with how different accents work and likes to feel them in his mouth. When he’s up front about it and has a sense of humor about it, the other person is usually interested, not offended.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Feel Like I Want to Change Myself

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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