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Why Do the Voices in My Head Seem Real?

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I began to hear voices in my head at 24 years old which is weird because I have not had any psychotic mental history ever in my life until now. The voices sound real as if it is being transmitted to me and the voices are not loud it levels out to where I can never fully hear exactly what is being said, if I try too hard to listen it will go away but the more my mind drifts and pays attention to something else with the thought of hearing voices lurking in the back of my mind the voices come back, its as if who ever is transmitting this through to me is trying very hard to make me schizophrenic and appear as a schizophrenic person. I know I am not schizophrenic, I am pretty self aware of everything, I can separate imagination from reality but what is happening to me is full dead on real and I don’t know what to do about it or how it is being done I have been on psychotic medicine at least 4 none of them stop it I don’t think these voices are coming from my imagination I am very positive some how some way people are able to transmit voices in my head.

Why Do the Voices in My Head Seem Real?

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The voices may seem real because they may be real. Though hearing voices is often a symptom of mental illness, it’s not always indicative of mental illness. It is estimated that up to 10% of the population regularly hears voices and are not mentally ill. Oliver Sacks, the famed neurologist, believes that hallucinations and hearing voices, for some people, constitute a “normal mode of experience.”

Having said that, it would be advantageous if your symptoms were monitored by a mental health professional. The fact that you have been on antipsychotic medication in the past possibly indicates psychosis but further investigation is necessary.

The bottom line is this: hearing voices may or may not indicate psychosis but if so, it’s imperative that you do everything in your power to prevent the development of a full-blown psychotic episode. It is important to be vigilant. Research shows that when it comes to psychosis, early intervention works, which is yet another reason to stay connected to mental health professionals. They can provide support, objective analysis of your symptoms and assist you in treating psychosis, should it develop. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Why Do the Voices in My Head Seem Real?

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