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Unsure of What My Problem Is

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Doctor, I’m lost. When I was three years old I told my mother I was responsible for her father’s death (died of a heart attack when I was 2 months old). Over the years I’ve had issues, first insomnia when I was seven (couldn’t stop thinking of the homeless sleeping under the rain). Always rebellious in school, I was diagnosed hyperactive and given ritalin when I was 10. I was later “disdiagnosed”. I often refused to go seek therapy because I thought “I’m not crazy”. I was in boarding school from 13-18, I was beaten up pretty badly when I was in my first year there because I disrespected the upper years. I had a couple of crushes throughout my life, none of which worked out or really mattered until a girl called Anna, my first love. She smashed my heart and got a boyfriend but I didn’t give up leading to further pain and pushed me to drink a lot. I started smoking weed when I was 16, it started with a gram/week but gradually built up to 10g/week (4months ago). Recently, 1 month and a half ago, a friend fell in a psychosis, came out to me. I told him I was straight but respected his way. He asked me to teach him how to live, and tried to kiss me twice. I was so scared that night, locked myself in my room scared he’d come rape me. For the following weeks I asked myself whether I might be gay and hadn’t realized. It didn’t bother me until one night after I hit a rough patch with a girl I love, and a friend said he thought I was gay as we were smoking. Henceforth I was convinced I was, for 3 weeks I kept smoking (5g/day by the end) thinking it would make it stop. When I got back to Paris I saw 2addiction experts and one psychiatrist, the first two said it was a bad trip and would pass with some time and antipsychotics. The second said it was anxiety related and triggered by weed-abuse.I then decided to get hospitalized and they said it was acute psychosis, sign of bipolarity or schizophrenia and that I could never drink or touch any drug again. I’m unsure of who to believe or what’s going on. I now know I’m straight but I now fear I’m suffering from the aforementioned illnesses. (From Paris)

Unsure of What My Problem Is

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First things first. That much weed is going to cloud your mind to the point where figuring out what is going on is too difficult for you or a professional to do. I would highly recommend dealing with the significant pot use first. If you are using it to self-medicate your emotional pain I would first work to with a professional to cut back on the weed, and then get to the problem’s source.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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Unsure of What My Problem Is

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