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What Disorders I Might Have?

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From a 16 year old guy in Morocco: Consider this a compilation of all the Yahoo answers topics that were never of any use in determining how F’ed up I am. It’s kind of hard to put it all in one topic, so i’ll provide statements about myself, that’s easier for me. I come here seeking advice on whether I should see a psychologist or not and, most importantly, why should I bother doing that.

-Tried suicide multiple times (when i was ten, a year or two earlier, and this year)
-I was abused as a child but not as much as “abused” children (though I did get bitten occasionally and beaten a lot and silenced when starting to cry)
-I almost feel no emotions except for anger, hunger, thirst, sexual desire and urge to kill. I also feel no remorse.
-About that urge to kill : the urge became more intense as of the last month, I always daydream about killing someone that made angry or just killing someone, and find myself grinding my teeth and tapping the pillow hard (if im asleep) and my heart rate raises and I feel half unconcious for a couple of seconds. Yesterday I was putting the collar on the family’s dog to walk it and I had to fight urge to strangle him with it. If i ever kill someone I would go to jail and I wouldnt be able to do drugs or to read books/play videogames and that would be inconvenient.
– I took the psychopathy/sociopathy/ADHD tests on this website and had a high score
– I’m also a social reject: I’m unattractive to both genders and people say i’m sick, but they haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg
– I would apreciate it if someone gave me a list of emotions. A friend of mine (a psychologist) told me to see if i experience any before visiting him. My parents nagged me a lot about it.
Thanks in advance

What Disorders I Might Have?

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Thank you for writing. The simple answer to your question is, Yes, you should see a therapist. Being beaten and bitten as a child can have far reaching consequences. Please don’t minimize your own pain or the strong possibility that your feelings (or lack) and impulses may be an indication of the hurt and anger you’ve barely contained since.

Websites (even this one) aren’t going to give you the answers you seek. Websites can only provide general information. You are a unique person with a unique story. That story needs to be heard by someone who has the skills and compassion to help you make sense of it and to help you manage your feelings. A list of emotions is beside the point.

Please contact a therapist who has experience with trauma and teen issues. You deserve the help — both for your own sake and before you act out rather than talk out (or write out) your pain.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

What Disorders I Might Have?

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