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I Feel Sad a Lot, I Have Bad Mood Swings & Insane Jealousy Problems

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Hi, I don’t know if I have a mental health issue or if it’s just normal behavior. I’ve been going out with my partner for over 6 years and throughout I’ve been suffering from bad mood swings, which I often just put down to my personality. It has really started to affect my relationship and I can’t be surprised because I know I can be a nightmare at times. It has got to the point where we can’t have fun together anymore, a simple joke and I get angry and can’t snap out of it. I know when I’m doing it, but can’t help myself. I am also quite jealous, without reason, and thats another thing I can’t control. I obsess about stupid things and even though I want to stop I just can’t. My partner has stopped telling me things about their everyday life because they are afraid I might react badly. I often find myself crying and upset about small meaningless things and just feeling sorry for myself. I’m unsure if this is just all my own personality or if I should seek help?
I love my partner with all my heart and cannot imagine my life without them in it but I feel maybe I am holding them back. I don’t want to be the reason they’re unhappy too. My partner reckons I should seek help but I don’t even know where to start?
Would really appreciate some advice.

I Feel Sad a Lot, I Have Bad Mood Swings & Insane Jealousy Problems

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You inquired about whether bad moods are just part of your personality. The answer is no. They are highly treatable. It is not normal to have this strong of an emotional reaction.

Your sadness, anger and jealousy are clues as to what might be wrong. Jealousy stems from a lack of confidence. If someone doesn’t feel good about themselves, they may worry that their partner might leave them for someone better. Thus the constant vigilance and concern about the possibility of your partner leaving.

We all get angry from time to time but frequently feeling this way might indicate unhappiness with some aspect of your life. Often, sadness and anger go hand-in-hand.

These problems are correctable with counseling. If not corrected, you risk losing your relationship. If you want to keep your relationship, then you must improve your mindset. Counseling is the most efficient way to make a positive change. It would also show that you are open and willing to change, and willing to do whatever it takes to improve the quality of your life and your relationship. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Feel Sad a Lot, I Have Bad Mood Swings & Insane Jealousy Problems

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