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I Would Rather Live as Someone Who Has Mental Illness

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I always living in my own world. I imagined many things, I even made my own movie which I casted in it but when reality hitted me, I realised all of it was impossible to get. I love to sing, i imagined that I was a singer. i chose the songs that I like and I changed the language and lyrics sometimes and made it mine (in my imagination)oh and also I made this machine which make people forget everything I want them to forget so, I used that machine to make people forget about all the songs that I stole.when I back to reality, i still think that the machine is exist and I’m going to use them and make my imagination into reality.i even stop studying because I still believe that none exist machine will change my whole life. This is only a quarter of my story, there’s still many of them. I suffered many times because of the never exist me, the perfect me in my own made up world. I sometimes want to live as someone insane.I think insane is even better because you never woke up from reality. I even search on how to be mentally ill

I Would Rather Live as Someone Who Has Mental Illness

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There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming as long as it doesn’t negatively interfere with your life. When it does, that’s cause for concern.

It is also concerning that you want to be mentally ill. It’s abnormal to desire mental illness. It might indicate unhappiness or dissatisfaction with your life.

It also might indicate that you have a strong desire for attention. There are some people who desire attention so much that they falsify physical or psychological symptoms and present themselves to others as ill or injured. The purpose of the deception is to cause others to view them as injured or impaired to gain attention. People who go to those lengths to garner attention might have fictitious disorder.

It’s normal to want attention but it’s not normal to attempt to achieve that attention through deception. It’s a sign of a problem.

I would recommend counseling. Counseling could help you stay focused in reality, know the difference between reality and your imagination and most importantly, develop coping skills to deal with strong emotions. Ask your parents to assist you in seeking counseling. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Would Rather Live as Someone Who Has Mental Illness

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