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I Feel God Is Punishing Me

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From Iran: I’m 17 and a I’m in high school 2nd grade, my exams just finished two days ago, and my parents are telling me that if you failed we don’t let you pass them and you must leave school, I failed almost all my exams I think.

The thing is whenever someone tells me something, I think he is making fun of me, and I keeping thinking about it for a week, for example a guy made fun of me, and I’m checking his online status for about one month to joke him back, I got banned from almost 19 forums for this, the guy who bullied me at school came towards me the last day and said please forgive me for what I did, I think he just made fun of me, I felt worthless, I didn’t think like this when was our last met, after I went home I started to think like this, I think like this for almost, everything, every help I receive from friends is called a joke and disrespect in my head, I couldn’t take the normal conversations in a few gaming communities, so I left them, even though I paid some money for donator status and stuff, whoever insults I take the insult for myself, even though they aren’t talking to me, the guy that bullied me, did all of this, IĀ feel god is punishing me for what I did in past, mistakes and etc. I spent most of my time behind my pc since I was 10, 7 years, i feel when someone says something i have to answer him back, if i don’t it will be stuck in my head for a week or more.

I Feel God Is Punishing Me

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I really don’t think god is punishing you. I do think you are right that the problem is in your thinking. This looks like obsessional thinking to me. Thoughts, especially negative thoughts, go around and around and around in your head. My guess is that you haven’t found a way to stop them. Such thoughts just seem to come and go without any help from you. The thoughts are getting in the way of forming real friendships and they are probably making it difficult for you to concentrate in manage school.

Obsessional thinking is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The good news is that this is a disorder that can be treated. You need to get away from gaming and into some therapy. A therapist who is experienced with obsessional thinking will show you how to regain control of your thoughts and your life.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what resources are available to you in Iran. If there is a counselor at your school, it may be a good place to start. If your parents will be sympathetic, you could also ask them to help get you to a mental health counselor. It might be helpful if you showed them this letter.

I wish you well.|
Dr. Marie

I Feel God Is Punishing Me

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