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I’m Very Self-Conscious about the Way I Look

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From a 19 year old male in Belgium: So my first issue is I recently have been very self-conscious about the way I look. I daily look myself in the mirror many times a day. Sometimes I feel good looking and I am happy, But then just hours/minutes/days later I feel ugly and it goes on like this on and on again, I can get really depressed and cry sometimes because of this.

Another issue I have is that I sometimes feel like people are talking about me calling me weird, unnormal and laughing at me, if I walk by someone laughing I automatically think they might be laughing at me. I sometimes feel that people are watching me or staring at me. I am not conviced about that what I am thinking is true, but I do believe that it is possible, but I do realize that probably most of the time it is not true. I have been diagnosed with OCD and Social anxiety, but I constantly have a feeling that there is something more seriously wrong with me, and that I might have something more. I used to spend much time reading about mental illnesses to see if I fit the conditions. What would you say is wrong with me, do I seem to have BDD and be paranoid or what would you say? Thank you

I’m Very Self-Conscious about the Way I Look

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I can’t make a diagnosis on the basis of a letter, of course. However, from what you wrote, my first guess would be that your doctors are correct. The behaviors you are reporting are typical of social anxiety.

I’m more interested in supporting you in getting real treatment than in confirming a diagnosis. Cognitive-behavior therapy has been found to be very useful for managing social anxiety. There are also medications that can help you feel a little better so that you can make good use of the talk therapy.

My suggestion to you is that you stop looking at sites about mental illness and start going to a mental health counselor who can both answer your questions and can get your started on treatment to manage your distress.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I’m Very Self-Conscious about the Way I Look

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