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Why Is My Neighbor So Evil?

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From Croatia: Dear psychiatrist! I am 18 and I come from Croatia and I want to ask you some questions about my neighbor. My neighbor is 65 years old and he is evil. I had 2 dogs (one was smaller husky and other is 10kg terrier). 5 years ago he entered my backyard at night, drugged my dog (husky) and choked it to death. Another thing is that before he had also poisoned my dogs, but luckily they have recovered. Here comes something that nobody believed me when I’ve told them. My neighbor recorded some dogs (not mine) and then he played that tape on stereo so he could provoke my dogs to bark. Couple of days ago he started to play that tape again. He had also cut down my fence and poisoned my trees.

Here’s what he did to my other neighbor. He dug up┬áhis dead duck in the middle of a day. Couple of years ago he had hit some other neighbor with a showel in the head. That neighbor had had few stitches. These are only some things that he had done.

What is the worst in that whole story is that nobody can do (or doesn’t want to) anything to prevent him (I mean the police). I would really appreciate if you’d tell me why is he so evil. None of my neighbors did anything to provoke him. I’m desperate because nobody can’t help me. I’m not that kind of person who’d kick him back. Sorry for bad grammar.

Why Is My Neighbor So Evil?

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I’m sorry. I don’t have enough information to tell you why your neighbor behaves this way. At his age, he could be suffering from dementia (although this started when he was younger so that is unlikely). He could also be suffering from a mental illness. Regardless of the reason: his behavior ranges from nuisance to criminal.

I don’t know why the police won’t respond. Perhaps they are only getting complaints one at a time over years and don’t see the pattern. Maybe if you and the neighbors all got together at the same time and invited the police to a meeting where you would all list the many things that have occurred, the police would understand that the neighbor is truly a danger to others, not just a cranky old man. I don’t know enough about the system of justice in Croatia to make any further suggestions. Do talk to a legal expert if you can.

In the meantime, please do everything you can to stay safe. This gentleman has already shown that he is capable of hurting people.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Why Is My Neighbor So Evil?

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