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Not Sure I’m in Love with My Husband Anymore

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I am not sure if I am in love with my husband anymore! I love him but I am not sure if I am still in love with him. Lately all we have been doing is fighting and most of it is over money! I feel unheard in our relationship and when I try to be heard it always ends up in a argument so I just shut down and don’t say anything at all. I feel completely un-respected and un-appreciated. I feel like he turns all of our problems back on me no matter what they are like he isn’t willing to admit that the debt is a two way street. He is the one who manages the money and most of the time I have no idea where it goes although I know he pays the bills. He says the reason we are so broke is because I smoke but so does he, he even started smoking after he had been quit. I tell him all the time that I will try to quit but I can’t because I stay so nervous. From the time I wake up I wonder how bad we are going to argue and what I should or shouldn’t say because I don’t want to bring on an argument. I am scared of saying anything to him because I don’t know what will upset him and cause him to go off. He apologizes all the time and I forgive him but I think it is a little bit because I don’t want to divorce so I refuse to give up. I asked him if he still loves me or if he wants a divorce and he says no he don’t, but I am not sure if he does or not. I just can’t take it any more. I feel like within five minutes out of him apologizing for his actions he has been set off somehow, I don’t even know what I did. I try to put my opinion in sometimes, but I guess he thinks I am stupid. I am only 25 years old and within the past three years my hair has almost turned completely grey and my face has aged 10 years from all the stress. I want to help him manage our money and stuff but he asks for my help and then don’t like the way I have it figured. I am just not sure if I should move on or what? We used to be best friends but I feel like I can’t even talk to him anymore. I know for a fact that there hasn’t been any cheating issues or anything but I just feel emotionally out of touch. We are still intimate and everything but sometimes I feel like I am forcing myself to do it because I am so emotionally drained from one day to the next. I can’t remember the last time we went a day without having an argument. I really think he thinks I am stupid and I am not. I am not sure if I should move on or not? It breaks my heart to think of loosing him but I don’t know how much more I can take.

Not Sure I’m in Love with My Husband Anymore

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It is time for couples counseling. In therapy money is emotional currency. The “find help” tab at the top of this page will help you find someone nearby. There is also this organization. If your husband refuses to go, I would go for individual counseling. If he’s not willing to work towards saving the relationship, then work on the support you need on your own.

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Dr. Dan
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Not Sure I’m in Love with My Husband Anymore

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