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Confused & I Don’t Understand the Way I Think

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I’m 21 and I feel like so empty and confused as will in a way that I think I found both men and women attractive I’m not sure really. I also change a lot of mood like I was happy and very friendly then suddenly when I heard or feel something not appropriate or things that I don’t like I directly shift into a different one and I get pissed and I don’t talk to them. I also tried to cut myself three times in my wrist because I feel so worthless. I also don’t like to hang out with a lot of people because I feel so weak when I’m around with a lot of people. I stay in my room all the time and thinking of many things like why I’m in here? I don’t belong here? I wish I never born. and everything else. I’m also paranoid in getting microbes like I alcohol every time. I really don’t understand I can’t focus on some things and can’t think straight. I feel so empty everyday. I feel it since I was kid and until now it’s getting worst, I also sleep paralyze and it’s so scary and I feel like my soul is getting out when I sleep it occurred to me sometimes when I feel so depressed. I also think I’ve been attack by Panic attack when the time that I really feel like I need to end my life. What is happening to me? Can you please explain to me. Thank you.

Confused & I Don’t Understand the Way I Think

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You might have anxiety and depression. Statistically, they’re two of the most common mental health disorders. They’re also highly treatable. Therapy works for both. So too does medication. Many people find that both treatments are needed to relieve their symptoms. You’ll have to see what works best for you.

Depression is a mood disorder. That might be why you feel happy one moment and angry the next. It might also explain why you feel hopeless, worthless and have difficulty concentrating. Those are all signs of depression.

Depression also can lead to isolation. If you are not happy or feeling good about yourself, then it is logical that you’d want to be alone. Isolation only serves to worsen the depression. It can be a vicious cycle.

Anxiety and depression tend to co-occur. It could be why you had a panic attack. Without treatment, anxiety can worsen and become more frightening.

Suicidal thoughts are a serious matter. It’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It’s not normal or healthy. Suicidal thoughts are often the result of untreated depression.

I recommend consulting with a mental health professional. Your first session will involve reporting of your symptoms. Typically, the therapist will then determine a diagnosis and suggest a course of treatment. Therapy will teach you how to manage your moods and strong emotions. Treatment works if you’re open to it and willing to fully participate in it. I hope you will consider it. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Confused & I Don’t Understand the Way I Think

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