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Terrified for My Daughter’s Safety

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My daughter befriended someone who has serious mental health issues; unknown what they are. She is now really afraid for her safety, as am I. This man is showing up at her home every day from some distance away. He is trying to gain entry to her home, because he thinks that he lives there and that this is their family home. She has repeatedly tried to tell him this isn’t the case. He does have some mental issues as do other members of his family, but they haven’t been forthcoming in giving my daughter any info. I know that he has been barred from his parents home. One thing I know is that he thinks he is famous and is very delusional. I’m scared to death he is going to break into my daughter’s home and attack her. I’m even afraid for her to get a restraining order, lest that send him over the edge. Please please help us know what to do next. Other than being delusional, he is unable to hold a job, and doesn’t have any friends. He constantly tells everyone how superior he is, and few people will befriend him.

Terrified for My Daughter’s Safety

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You mentioned your fear that a restraining order, might “send him over the edge.” That is unlikely. The police are her best allies. An individual attempting to gain entry into her home is a serious matter. It is also an arrestable offense. She should call the police.

The police handle these kinds of matters on a regular basis. They are trained to deal with these issues. They are in the best position to advise your daughter about what to do and may be able to resolve it for her.

In the meantime, she may want to temporarily relocate. Perhaps she could stay with a family member or a friend until she can ensure her safety. Her being away from him might calm down the situation.

If it continues to be a problem and the police aren’t helping, then she might consider moving. It might be inconvenient but safety trumps all else. Let me repeat that. There is nothing more important than her safety.

Finally, most people with serious mental illnesses are not dangerous. People who are the most dangerous tend to be on drugs and have out of control anger problems. His being delusional is an added concern because it means that he has lost touch with reality. That’s why it’s important that she contact the police and asks for their advice about how to handle this matter. If he is a danger to himself or to others, the police can intervene and take him to a hospital for treatment or arrest him, if necessary. I hope these ideas are helpful. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Terrified for My Daughter’s Safety

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