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I Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong with Me

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I have been diagnosed with depression and have seen therapists before. I don’t have a bad life but I am bad at handling stress. I will have panic attacks over minuscule things like homework and am anxiety prone. I will cry for almost no reason and in a second, be fine. I have really excited feelings and very very low feelings but they are not far apart like in bipolar disorder. They are within hours or at most, a day. Nobody deals with me or can figure anything out. I want to function normally but I can’t seem to figure a cause to any of it. I am in a completely stable relationship with a boy that I communicate with, although granted, I am only 16. And honestly, I almost feel like I make some of it all up. Sometimes, I feel like I will do things or say stuff just to make myself believe I have something wrong with me. I struggled with self harm for a while and I usually wasn’t distressed when I did it. I just did it to do it. I am studying psychology in school(although I am not going to be perusing a career in it) and I think that maybe since I know a bit about mental issues, I am just creating one for myself. Finally, I eat quite a lot. I eat to cope or just out of boredom and I know it’s bad for me but I haave no motivation to exercise. I hate my body but I won’t change it. I am not seeing a therapist right now, mostly because I don’t have any events to talk about, no traumatic memories, they all treat me like a waste of space. But I could go see one if maybe somebody told me what to try and get out of it? (age 16, from US)

I Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong with Me

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I think you should print out your question and take it to your therapist to help them understand all the things you are struggling with. You are listing issues of depression, anxiety, self harm, rapid mood swings and turning to food as a coping skill. These are all valid reasons to seek help. You don’t have to have a history of trauma or be going through extreme stress to need help.

In addition to treating depression and anxiety, a therapist can teach you new coping strategies and improve your self-esteem, as well as help you understand yourself better. Please give it another try.

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Dr. Holly Counts


I Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong with Me

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