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I’m Having Guilty Thoughts

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Recently I’ve been dealing with intrusive thoughts and anxiety, but this is another matter. However, one thing giving tremendous guilt is that I’ve recently remembered some thoughts I had during puberty. During this time when I was probably around 13 or 14, I was very horny all of the time. I would get turned on by almost any female. What is giving me guilt is that there were a few occasions that even my mom turned me on a couple times! I felt guilty about it at the time, but it wasn’t that bad. I would masterbate to stop feeling so horny all of the time. I got over it though and haven’t been like that since then.

I am 19 now and have been dealing with intrusive thoughts and anxiety recently, these thoughts had me thinking I was crazy and I’ve had success in getting over the spells. But I was recollecting about my childhood because I was thinking that at least I was normal when I was a kid and then I remembered this and I got tremendously guilty and disgusted. I felt like throwing up and I had anxiety about this that I was a freak for having these thoughts. I guess my question is that is it normal for this to happen to boys when they go through puberty? I kills me that I remembered this and I don’t want to remember it. I love my mom and family and that’s something that I hold very dear to me for they are very supportive and that’s why this is so hard. Thank you for your response.

I’m Having Guilty Thoughts

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Yes, what you are reporting is absolutely normal. As you said quite eloquently in your letter: At that time in your life, you were turned on by thinking of any female. It makes sense that you would get aroused by the woman in your life you most loved at the time.

Fortunately, part of growing up is learning impulse control. As you got accustomed to your hormones and learned how to manage your physical feelings, your ability to manage your emotional feelings followed. You’ve now turned your attentions to women who are appropriate and available to you.

Please stop feeling guilty about a normal chapter in your development.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I’m Having Guilty Thoughts

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