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I’m Wondering if Something Is Wrong with Me

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I’m an emotional wreck. Nothing triggers it. I just get emotional out of nowhere. I will cry for hours for no reason. I keep hearing voices in my head saying there’s something watching me and then i would freak out and start shaking and sobbing even more. I sometimes have to cover my ears in attempt to quiet down the voices. I also have an unhealthy habit of food binging. I can’t help it and i feel horrible after it. I will have something like a manic episode where i feel like i can do anything! I will suddenly get emotionally unstable again and get suicidal out of nowhere. I’m so paranoid and feel like people are always watching me. I feel like people are in my head reading my innermost thoughts. It drives me crazy. I know that it’s not possible but tell that to the crazy voices in my head. I hear people calling me when there’s no one around. I see shadowy figures lurking around my house. I display such inappropriate emotions all the time. If someone told me their dog just passed away then i would probably burst out laughing. Yeah this is why i can never attend a funeral. My mother thinks im ridiculously paranoid and delusional but i’m not. People don’t understand. I feel like im going mad. I sometimes can’t even show any emotions because i simply can’t feel. That hurts people. Im ridiculously empathetic but also ridiculously insensitive. Im always crying for no reason. I will burst out laughing for no reason. People tell me that im a psychopath or that im insane but I’m not. I could be rational sometimes. Which is why im here. Im actually a really intelligent person academically. I just don’t understand all of this madness. I feel like im going to accidentally drive myself into suicide because of this. I already self harm for relief. I have not been diagnosed with anything because i never got tested or went to a psychologist. I also really feel like im losing my grip on reality and my sanity is slipping. Could this be indicative of something bigger? (age 14, from US)

I’m Wondering if Something Is Wrong with Me

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Yes, these problems can be indicative of something bigger. You are obviously intelligent enough to know that something is wrong and that these experiences you are having are not typical. Being emotional and moody might be “normal” for adolescents but seeing and hearing things, and feeling suicidal, is not.

It is time to get professional help. I highly recommend that you be evaluated soon by a mental health professional. It would be helpful to print out your question and take it to the appointment with you, just for extra detail. I sincerely hope that you feel better soon so that you can enjoy your teenage years.

All the best,

Dr. Holly Counts

I’m Wondering if Something Is Wrong with Me

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