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I’m Freaking Out

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From the U.S.: I’ve been diagnosed with OCD since summer of 2013 after I had 3 weeks of horrible intrusive thoughts, causing me to cry constantly. I started at 50mg of Zoloft, though soon I had to up it to 75mg then 100mg. I’ve been doing okay with the 100mg, though sometimes I forget to take it. The reason it all started (What I believe…) is after seeing the movie “The Conjuring.” It messed with me, made me afraid of possession or going crazy and hurting someone I love. I still am afraid of these things, but not as much. I haven’t watched any scary movies, but I’ve seen previews and they cause my anxiety to go out the roof. Its 11:17pm right now and I am tired but I’m not laying down because I am still afraid, except its slightly different. Lately, I’ve been feeling like someone is watching me, like a ghost (Lately, meaning in the past week this started.) and I don’t hear any voices or anything but I’m so afraid that I could be going crazy or something, it scares me so much. It may be because I haven’t been taking my Zoloft constantly, not that I ignore it, I honestly forget to take it. I went to my doctor last Monday and everything was okay, what should I do? Should I make another apt? I’ve also had therapy, it did help a lot. Should I go back to therapy? Please let me know, I want a professional opinion before I freak even more out. I’ve been reading too many things on the internet about “Am I insane? Am I crazy? Are ghost real? Am I being haunted?”┬áThank you.

I’m Freaking Out

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Highly sensitive people are often highly suggestible. That means you’re the kind of person who absorbs distressing ideas more easily than other people. So — get off the internet sites that talk about ghosts and craziness. Don’t go to scary movies or watch violent or scary TV shows. I even suggest you read the news, not watch it. You need to develop more “shields” before you can afford to put yourself in the way of disturbing material. So — yes, go back to therapy. Work on developing stronger coping skills. You already know therapy helps so why hesitate? In addition, watch happy movies and search the web for inspiring stories. Fill your mind with things that make you feel good, not freaked!

As for the medication: Yes, you need to take the right dose at the right time every day in order to build up and keep a therapeutic level. You’re a smart young woman. Come up with a system so you won’t forget. If there are no young children around who can get into it, think about putting the bottle under your pillow so you are reminded every night or morning (whenever you are supposed to take it.)

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I’m Freaking Out

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