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My 15-Year-Old Son and His Unusual Anti-Social/Fear Behavior

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My son currently lives with my aunt. She has suffered some strokes recently and she is the one who raised my son. recently he is exhibiting some unusual behaviors. he stays in his room and refuses to come out or even leave the house and he no longer attends school. he has no friends and claims that school has too many people. he is sleeping all day and is awake all night. my aunt and I are afraid that he is not eating well because he only comes out once in a while to eat. He refuses to see any doctor. He refuses to leave the house period. he has become very clingy towards my aunt. He doesn’t like to be touched or almost any kind of attention where he is in the spotlight. I (his biological mother) suffer from Bi-Polar type 2, major depression with psychotic features, PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. My aunt lives with her husband in her mother-in-laws house along with my son. the ‘grandmother-in-law’ has been verbally abusive towards my son when her biological grandson was living with them. my son received blame for the many things that happened in that home. I am biased towards my son because I love him but I also have the privilege of being on the outside looking in and I see this type of behavior very concerning. the biological grandson has since moved out and now my son is ‘ hiding from life’. please help. any advice will be very much welcomed.

My 15-Year-Old Son and His Unusual Anti-Social/Fear Behavior

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You listed your occupation as “homeless.” I hope that you are able to find a stable place to live.

Regarding your son, your concerns are warranted. His symptoms indicate that something is wrong. It is clear that intervention is needed.

His living situation seems chaotic. He may be reacting to his environment. He may also be experiencing the early signs of mental illness. His staying up all night, his bizarre behavior and isolation are potential signs of a variety of mental illnesses and are probable signs of depression.

His lack of attendance at school has likely been noticed. If they haven’t already, either the school social worker or the school psychologist will likely attempt to intervene. If not, you can speak to them directly and perhaps they can assist you in trying to help your son.

This might sound counterintuitive, but you might want to contact the local child welfare agency. They can come to the home, assess the situation and help your family acquire the necessary resources.

Another possibility is to call the local mental health crisis team. They can come to the home, assess your son’s mental health and determine what type of treatment is necessary.

I hope that you and your son are able to access the appropriate resources. Intervention is needed sooner rather than later. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

My 15-Year-Old Son and His Unusual Anti-Social/Fear Behavior

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