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Is There Any Hope for Someone Like Me?

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From the U.S.: When I was 13 I began therapy and have been involved with the mental health system ever since. It started with therapy for self harm and depression as a young teenager and after a year my therapist “let me go” on the pretense that I shouldn’t “use therapy as a crutch.” Then I was reintroduced to therapy after a suicide attempt at age 17 and finally diagnosed with major depressive disorder, OCD, and PTSD. I was given medication as well.

After a year of therapy I finally felt as if I was starting to, at the very least, understand some of my issues. My therapist then resigned. Reluctantly, I agreed to start therapy with another therapist because I was afraid of going back to that dark place. Medication never helped me, instead putting me in a stupor that only dulled the anxiety and depression.

I have been informed by my current therapist, of which I have been seeing for a year, that she is resigning. I feel at a loss. Therapy was the only thing that brought any momentary relief but I can’t relive having to tell my story yet again. I am exhausted, feeling as though I’m being passed from person to person just when we start to make progress. My depression has been getting worse lately and I am having trouble seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. I have tried so many different medications and am left wondering if this is all there is left.

I have been working towards my life goals and being proactive though it seems meaningless and monotonous, a dull routine I subject myself to simply please my family and delude them into believing I am happy. I’m not sure what I am asking…I guess I just want to know if there is any hope for people like me?

Is There Any Hope for Someone Like Me?

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Of course there is hope for you. You are 21, bright, and sensitive. You have been doing therapeutic work and you say you have made progress. Although I don’t blame you a bit for not wanting to have to tell your story to yet another new person, it’s not starting over. It’s continuing a process that’s been going on for a long time.

One way to make the transition be less stressful is to ask your therapist to recommend a replacement and see if you can both meet with the new therapist for a session or two to help you transfer. If that isn’t possible, ask your therapist to spend a session working with you to write a summary of the work you’ve done, what has been effective and what hasn’t, and what your hopes are for the next stage of therapy. This will help you think about progress you have made and will jump-start your next chapter of treatment.

One of the many challenges of depression is how self-involved it can make a person become. I hope your life goals include some activities that help others. Doing random (and not so random) acts of kindness is a great antidote to depression. If you aren’t doing so already, please do give it a try for a few weeks to see if it helps.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Is There Any Hope for Someone Like Me?

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