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Possible Repressed Memory?

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Hello. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for me (hopefully). I would like to ask if what I experienced are possible signs of repressed memories because I asked two doctors, one is a general physician and he said what I experienced was vertigo and the other is a gynecologist and she said what happened was because I couldn’t handle my period pain (first day) I don’t agree personally with the latter because that pain was manageable to me.

The issue was that I was standing in line to pay in a super market and my ears began ringing. Slowly that ringing took away my hearing and black patches started appearing in my vision. This happened gradually and I could feel that something was happening. I slowly lost feeling in my lower body and it became numb. I almost feel down but I grabbed onto something until I could feel my legs.The fear of causing a scene and being the center of attention scared me very badly. When I could walk someone walked with me to get me seated and my mother explains my face was zombie like. Pale without expression at that time I had tunnel vision and my vision was slowly coming back. I had cold sweat on my forehead. Talking even slightly made my loose breath and my hands were ice cold.

All this happened right after I was thinking about some visions I randomly had after reading of repressed memories and possible signs i could have them. I fit the emotional signs more but i dont have night terrors I got two visions.Both had a white background and in one only the lips of a man were visible. He was very close and had a beard I think. It felt like he was kissing me. In another vision I saw a car bumper it was a red sports car I think and I saw myself walking from the bumper to the back seat of the car as the back door opened. Do these seem like real memories? The vivid ness of the memories is fading over time but when I think about it a lot I feel a chance in my vision. Everything becomes slightly yellowish or I see slight blank spots which are not very visible in my vision.

Possible Repressed Memory?

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Repressed memories are traumatic memories that have been retained in the unconscious mind. It is theorized that they remain in the unconscious mind until the conscious mind is psychologically able to deal with them.

Not all researchers agree that repressed memories are real. It’s very difficult to determine the validity of a repressed memory. In addition, your experience with “repressed memories” is very uncommon. They typically are uncovered in dreams but might also appear in daydreams and hypnosis. Your visions might not be repressed memories at all but rather hallucinations.

Diagnosis over the Internet is impossible. It is possible that your two doctors are correct and what you are experiencing are the symptoms of an untreated medical condition. Your next step should be undergoing a thorough medical evaluation. It could help to determine what is wrong and pinpoint the origin of your symptoms. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Possible Repressed Memory?

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