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Anxiety, Depression and Negative Thoughts

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Hello, the reason I am here is because for a year I have been battling negative thoughts on a minute to minute basis and it’s exhausting me to the point I give in to the negative thoughts and feel worse. It’s like trying to get out of danger on two broken legs and two broken arms. What do I do? I’ve tried therapy which temporarily works, I take all the step needed to cope and change my negative thoughts. It’s the persisting tug of war that won’t seem to end that I can’t get an answer for. I’m thinking medication is the only way in addition to therapy and acquiring better ways of coping. This really feels like a monkey on my back. I’ve dug up reasons as to why I beat myself up and it’s how I reacted to unfavorable outcomes. As the years went on i became less effective at winning the battles and more pessimistic. I see that it’s now been apart of my character. I know this is going to be a long processes but I feel I don’t have another fight in me. Thank you. (age 27, from US)

Anxiety, Depression and Negative Thoughts

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Thanks for writing in with your question. I’m glad that you have tried therapy and hope that you will stick with it, or give a different therapist a try. Sometimes a new approach can make a big difference. Even though it may seem odd that medication could help with negative thoughts, if the negative thoughts are caused by or worsened by depression, psychotropic medication can help a great deal, so I think consulting with your doctor or a psychiatrist would be helpful.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) probably has the most support in the literature for treating depression and the negative thinking patterns that go with it, so you may want to seek a therapist with this training. However, I often encourage folks to think outside of the box and try other techniques as well. These could be different therapeutic approaches, such as EMDR or hypnosis, or it could be acupuncture, nutritional changes or meditation.

Bottom line is keeping trying until you find a combination that works for you. It may be a long road and it may take a lot of effort, but finding a place of inner peace and self-acceptance is well worth it.

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Dr. Holly Counts

Anxiety, Depression and Negative Thoughts

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