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Lack of Socialization?

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I feel like there’s something wrong with me but I don’t know what it is or how to possibly resolve this. I am 16 and have been homeschooled my whole life. I have never had a friend or even have spoken to someone my own age. I may have had opportunities, but I wasn’t aware. I feel so uncomfortable and awkward whenever I am around someone my own age. I even feel that way around my mom and stepdad, but I don’t live with them I live with my grandparents. I usually have nothing better to do with my days than to play video games and school. I have every reason to believe that the lack of socialization is what has caused me to be depressed, but I can’t resolve it because I’m afraid of what my grandparents and parents will say if I want friends. I feel like they’d look down on me.

Lack of Socialization?

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I’m sorry that you are faced with this issue. I would agree that your lack of socialization most likely factors into your depression. The desire to socialize is a fundamental part of being human.

The awkwardness you feel when around other people is understandable given your lack of exposure. You haven’t had the opportunity to socialize. When trying new things, it’s normal to feel fear.

It’s important for you to get out of the house and experience new environments and be around others. Your fear will likely diminish the more you interact with others. Is there a community group that you can join? Find out what group activities are available in your community. Then ask your parents and grandparents if you can join.

I receive many letters from teenagers with problems. Many of them are reluctant to tell their parents about their problems because they fear a negative reaction. Their assumptions are often based on fear. I cannot predict how your parents and grandparents will respond to your requesting more socialization, but that should not stop you from asking. It’s that important.

Your desire to socialize is very normal. Socialization and connecting with others is part of normal human development.

Even if you’re frightened, discuss this issue with your parents or grandparents. You might be pleasantly surprised by their reaction. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Lack of Socialization?

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