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My Relationship Has Come to a Fork in the Road

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I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years now, we moved to Colorado together three years ago from Texas. Our reasons for moving were for no other than, we are young and why not!

When we first moved here life was magical and perfect, it is so drastically different from were we came from that we couldn’t get enough of it. The only down side of our move was the reaction from my family. They were very supportive and excited for me until reality set in. My mom constantly fought (still does) about my move, I was very stressed about it all. She especially was, I felt awful but it happened, it was too late.

Moving on we eventually got a dog, life becomes repetitive, I have lost all of my motivation. Our sex life becomes dull and I become more distant. More and more I realize that I have completely lost attraction towards him.

When we first moved here together we said that we would wait five years until we got married or engaged.The plans of buying a house in so many years are creeping up and becoming more real. I have tried to explain my anxiety with him, his reaction is to just get frustrated and angry and constantly say in a sarcastic angry tone tell me that I’m going to move back to TX and how he never will.

If I left him and this life, I would go back to Texas where ALL of my family lives and opportunity for me thrives and old friends I cherish.

Stay, then I am with someone that loves to travel as much as me and wants a future of new destination and possibilities. With someone that, honestly I don’t feel much of a connection with. This will mean never going back to a place close to a family that I am very close to.

My Relationship Has Come to a Fork in the Road

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I think you’ve answered your own question. It’s sad and disappointing when a relationship comes to an end. But from everything you’ve said — yours has. Staying with someone because they are a good traveling companion isn’t a good enough reason. It doesn’t compare to the richness that awaits back home.

It also doesn’t mean you couldn’t travel with him even after you split. Ending the relationship doesn’t necessarily mean ending contact.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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My Relationship Has Come to a Fork in the Road

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