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I’m Too Scared to Tell Someone How Bad My Anxiety Is and That I Need Help

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I have generalized anxiety disorder. I went to a therapist a year and a half ago, and visited every week. I only went for the first three sessions because I was scared and already started off telling them I was okay. I then gave it a year, my anxiety got worst, I rash out in hives, I shake, I don’t want to go to school. I used to be so social and I used to love to hang out with friends, and everything changed, quickly. I begged to go to my family doctor so I could ask him what to do and he checked out my rash I of course got on my chest because I was nervous. He told me and my step mom that I definitely needed to go see a psychiatrist, I need to be put on something they said. My step mom said okay and told me she would tell me when they find a psychiatrist. Never told me, just ignored that I wasn’t okay and acted like I never went to see a doctor. I tried again to express I want to go back, I don’t feel okay, and they don’t understand. I hide the way I feel in case of being judged or me breaking down. I have so much sadness inside and its almost everyday I feel this way. I have no idea what to do, they just don’t want to help, they don’t see how bad it is. Please I need your advice on what to do because I am way too scared to ask for help again, because of me being let down again. My grades are dropping, I seem to just not care anymore about anything, because of them not necessarily caring about my mental health. Thank you and I hope you can answer or have a response back to this. (age 16, from US)

I’m Too Scared to Tell Someone How Bad My Anxiety Is and That I Need Help

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I’m sorry that you have been struggling with anxiety and depression and that your parents have not supported your desire to get professional help. As much as you don’t want to ask for help again for fear of being let down, I think you need to ask repeatedly until they hear you. You admitted that you hide how bad you really feel, so they may not fully realize how miserable you are. The only way for them to understand is for you to be very honest. Have you ever heard the phrase “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”? If you make enough noise, you will eventually be heard.

Another possibility is to speak to your school counselor. Sometimes they can provide some counseling directly, and if not, they can help you get connected to services and may suggest this to your parents on your behalf. Also, most states have laws in place that allow teens to seek counseling on their own, without parental consent, at least for a few sessions. This would allow you get some help quickly and the therapist could then help you communicate its importance to your parents. Keep trying until you get what you need.

Many people just don’t understand that mental health issues are real, and not just a sign of emotional weakness. Hopefully, your parents will come around once they realize that it is a legitimate medical concern that needs treatment. If not, I hope you will find the strength to get help anyway. You are worth it, and you deserve to feel better.

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Dr. Holly Counts

I’m Too Scared to Tell Someone How Bad My Anxiety Is and That I Need Help

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