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My Mother Is Going Crazy

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I’m not talking about hearing voices in the head because thankfully she’s not that crazy, but recently she has some major belief issues. She recently got sucked into this whole “4 dimensions,” she truly and legitimately believes that her “soul wavelength” is equal to that of a god, and that god lives in the 4D or something. I of course am not really believing in that sort of ridiculous comment, so I try to calmly explain to her why such a thing can’t exist. She gets really mad, screaming mad, then can’t keep her mouth closed for at least 3 hours no joke. She keeps yelling at me like “Why don’t you believe in such things, this is why you’re such a loser, you suck at this, you suck at that, you have to start believing in being a god to be one.” Now before I go further, she says I “suck” at things that I already quit from, like previous sports I didn’t enjoy.

It only gets worse from here, she recently watched videos of conspiracy theory videos. She 100% believes every single thing that she sees. As long as it’s a well-produced, well-narrated “documentary” and has somewhere that says “not fake,” she really believes it. Now I mean that’s not bad right? She can believe in that, it’s her right to. But then she tells me to go and watch it with her, and after the video, I deny that any of those theories are true. Once again, for some reason she gets super mad at me for not believing in these “facts.” Pyramids on the moon, and Nazi UFO’s, I once believed my mom was sane, but seriously the state that she has deteriorated to scares me. Another notable mention is that she has a massive lump on her neck she claims to be just a muscle that grew too large, looks like a tumor to me, I highly recommended her to a doctor. But she thinks the doctor system is made to cheat people of their money. I finally tried to just get her to talk to a therapist or just any medical figure, but she just absolutely refuses, thinking that her will power or god power will heal her.

I don’t enjoy the company of my mother anymore, she speaks of herself too highly and speaks of others too lowly. I think she’s crazy/insane.

My Mother Is Going Crazy

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This is difficult because your mother’s perspective becomes a source of criticism. I’m sorry this is happening, no child should be told that they “suck” at anything. I highly recommend talking to your high school’s guidance counselor about what you’re witnessing. Whatever beliefs your mother has, she is wrong when she belittles you. Regardless of her belief system her treatment of you isn’t good, and that’s where the focus needs to be. You guidance counselor will have some suggestions for helping you cope.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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My Mother Is Going Crazy

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