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How Do You Know when You Have Recovered?

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From the U.S.: Early this year in April I decided to try Molly for the first time. The high was amazing but it then led to a horrible comedown filled with anxiety and depression. I recovered from this but then 1 month later randomly got anxiety and depression again. In the summer, I tried SSRIs which made me worse (probably since MDMA acts on similar receptors) so I stopped them completely and have been using natural methods like supplements/exercise along with CBT and I’ve come really far in recovery (the depression is gone, only anxiety left). In therapy all that is suggested is to let go, do breathing techniques, etc. Exercise helps for sure but I don’t have much faith in meditation.

Also, how do you let go of a time limit for recovery?

I want to be back to my normal self 100% the same as before the drug but how do I know when that’s happened? Therapist says I’ll never be the same again since people change but I cannot accept that I NEED to be an EXACT copy of before with the EXACT same personality. My mind keeps checking every morning if I’m my normal self but if I’m even getting that thought it means I’m not.

How Do You Know when You Have Recovered?

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Please listen to your therapist. She’s correct: Even if you had never used any drugs, you aren’t the same person you were last spring. No one is. We all grow and change to some extent every minute of every day. Your problem is not that you are different. Your problem is that you developed an anxiety disorder in the wake of your experience with drugs.

I’m glad you are in treatment. Do take it seriously. CBT, regular exercise and meditation can help. You may not have faith in meditation but that’s like not having faith in gravity. It works whether you have faith in it or not. Meditate regularly and seriously for a few months and you’ll see a difference.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

How Do You Know when You Have Recovered?

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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