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Difficulty with Time-Related Issues

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From the U.S.: I’m 54. As a child, I had difficulty with the concept of time/date and relativity to personal events/timeline. I would forget how old I was, had an excellent memory of things but couldn’t remember when they happened. I also had a lot of other symptoms but this is the main one I want to focus on. I have a niece who is mentally/developmentally disabled and she exhibits the same trait only more severely. Is there a diagnosis or syndrome to describe such a phenomenon?

If it helps some of my other symptoms are emotional hypersensitivity, social withdrawal/ineptitude, sometimes inappropriate or disproportional responses. I am deaf in one ear and seem to be overall neurologically overreceptive to stimuli. Extremely overdeveloped olfactory sense. Have an odd glitch where I sometimes substitute numbers for letters when writing, ie. 3 for E, 9 for N, and 4 for R. Have improved time thing with age, but not to where I feel I should be for a normal adult. Have trouble scheduling and understanding how long things will take, therefore I tend to overschedule, trouble remembering appointments. Not a recent onset, have had these issues since childhood as does my niece.

Difficulty with Time-Related Issues

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Have you seen a mental health counselor for an evaluation? My first guess would be that you may have some degree of Asperger’s. I’d need to have a lengthy talk with you to be sure but many of your symptoms are common to people who are on the high end of ASD (autism spectrum disorders).

A second guess would be that there is something neurological going on. To determine if that is the case, it would be useful to have an evaluation by a neuropsychologist or a neurologist.

You’ve managed over 50 years of life in spite of these difficulties. For that reason, I doubt your symptoms are related to those of your niece. You may share some symptoms, but I don’t think you share a diagnosis. However, as I said, I’d need far more information to identify the problem. I hope you will consider seeing a professional for an evaluation. Such an evaluation could both ease your mind and provide some practical suggestions for overcoming some of your difficulties.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Difficulty with Time-Related Issues

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