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She’s Invading My Privacy

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A girl that I’ve never met or seen got obsessed with me via Twitter and I ended up working with her which turned out to be a disaster. She planned the whole thing. That was two and half years ago, I left six months later and since she’s been stalking/monitoring me. I’m a very private person and I honestly hate it, it gets to the very core of me. It isn’t the first time someone does something similar but never to this degree… She can see everything I do in my home I think TV’s are hackable now, even in my bathroom because she’s made public comments about my private area. We’ve never had friends in common, so there’s zero association. She’s made comments even about the clothes I sleep with, my position in my bed, what I’d wear before work, my clothes and what I do around the house whether reading or attempting to cook. My cell phone is hacked, and I sold my laptop because I believed it was hacked too. I’ve changed my number several times but no luck in escaping her. I’ve reached out to her telling her to stop, that I know what she’s doing and to leave me alone. I tell her I believe she’s a prevented creep and basically detailing my disgust towards about her actions but nothing. She denies everything and doesn’t acknowledge me yet she wants me to love her via Twitter. Many know on Twitter and support her including the media on Twitter and some have said she’s a psychopath but no change.

I’ve thought about reaching to the authorities but I don’t have substantial prove other than undirected comments on Twitter without specifying names, and having a private investigator would cost me $2,500 to do the work. What I wonder is does she have some type of psychological problem other than an obsession with severe jealousy from her terrible past experiences in relationships? I’m beginning to think she has psychological problems. She also attempts and has succeeded in several occasions to drive friends, family (mom and dad), anyone who doesn’t support her, even coworkers away from me. Some people actually give her sympathy and I don’t get it it. Love doesn’t take drastic measures, doesn’t hurt, doesn’t spy, creep, stalk, monitor, drive loved ones away or keeps you sorta isolated. And when you wanna be isolated love doesn’t publicly displays the inside of your home the public. See accounts comment about what I do in my home and I’m 100 percent sure she shows friends and many Twitter accounts. She’s disrespected me, embraced me, humiliated me, has invaded my privacy without my consent or approval and dismisses how disgusted I feel about it. I feel like I’m psychologically messed up a little from all of this too. I’ve become more self aware, self aware of my surroundings, and sorta of an inexplicable mixture of afraid, haunted, never seen the end of it all after two and half years battling.

She’s Invading My Privacy

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From your description it sounds as though this individual is doing more than invading your privacy. She seems to be stalking you. Stalking is a criminal act. Every state outlaws stalking. If there is proof that she is stalking you, then she could be prosecuted.

In Florida, stalking is defined as “engag[ing] in a course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose.” Based upon your letter, your stalker seems to meet that definition. You can read more about the law here.

It is very difficult to “hack” a TV. It is very difficult, illegal and extremely expensive to add surveillance equipment to a home. Perhaps she is tricking you into believing this, when it is not real. I would recommend talking to a counselor who could help you to determine if she is actually doing this and it is real or if you have been fooled into believing it is real, when it isn’t.

It’s understandable that you have become more vigilant.

I would recommend that you save all copies of any communication from her. This would include Twitter messages, emails or anything else that suggests or proves her attempted contact. Once you have gathered that information, consult law enforcement (again) about a restraining order. Other options include contacting a lawyer or a private investigator. Your Internet service provider or phone company might also be willing to investigate.

Finally, it might be advantageous to consult a mental health professional. He or she could assist you with the psychological distress that you feel. You should also become familiar with the stalking laws in your state. There may also be local agencies who assist crime victims. One good Internet resource includes Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

She’s Invading My Privacy

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