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I Don’t Really Know What’s Wrong

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I sometimes get really weird thoughts in my head which can be about family members or friends, both still a little disturbing at times and they come out of no where I’ll be thinking about something completely different and then a really weird thought will come into my head, it’s easy to not think about it but I can’t help it.

I also get adrenaline rushes sometimes. I’ll be thinking about something in my head and the adrenaline will just build up then it’s kinda like I come back to reality and adrenaline is just gone. These thoughts can be from me being like superman to me beating someone up (which I don’t understand as I’m a peaceful person).

I also find it very hard to retain information this has been going on for a year or so since I started doing my proper exams. My mind often goes blank aswell , more often then other people for instance, I could get asked a question and I just won’t be able to remember the answer even though I know it I suppose this kinda started as I hit puberty ,maybe it’s to do with my hormones I don’t know but it often happens. I used to be quite smart as well , still smart but not how I used to be as I can’t remember as much as what I used to be able to.

My body is a really big thing to me as well, my family say that I’m not that fat but there my family… I was diagnosed with gynecomastia , the doctor said it was Normal around my age (16)he said that there was nothing that could be done and it was just puberty. I cried on the way back from the doctors as I was by myself ,not because I had gynecomastia but because nothing could be done about it and that I was ‘normal’. I’m really self-conscious about my body and especially as around my age I want to be with girls ect. my friends have never said anything about my weight or even noticed I have a problem but I think I do.

I know this is a diary of all my problems but psychological it’s having a really big effect on me and gets to me more and more each day.┬áPlease help me. (From England)

I Don’t Really Know What’s Wrong

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The symptoms you have seem to be pervasive. I think the most reasonable thing would be to get an evaluation by a psychiatrist. He or she would be able to look at the combination of medical and psychological conditions. The mixture of intrusive thoughts as well as the forgetfulness and gynecomastia need to be evaluated to see if the hormonal changes that typically accompany gynecomastia may be causing some of the psychological symptoms. A psychiatrist should be able to help.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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I Don’t Really Know What’s Wrong

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