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Weird Sleeping Problems

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Most days, I can’t sleep. I’m not talking about staying up too late on the internet or whatever, I can lay in bed for three hours (that’s how much time I usually give it) and I still cannot sleep. I often go to school without having had any sleep at all (2 of the 5 days at least), and that’s really messing with my grades. I’m diagnosed with Dysthymic Disorder, so it would make sense for it to be insomnia. However, if I can manage to fall asleep, I can stay asleep uninterrupted for at least twelve hours. My sleeping schedule generally goes: no sleep one day, one hour of sleep the next, then fourteen hours of sleep. If this problem has a name, it would really help for me to know it so that I can attempt to find treatment (or if you have a suggestion, that’d help too).

Weird Sleeping Problems

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It’s unclear what the problem might be. If I could interview you in person I would have many questions regarding the nights you can’t sleep including: Are you anxious about the day? What are you thinking about? When was the last time you ingested caffeine? Did you eat right before bed? Are you watching TV or listening to the radio? If so, what type of programming? Those are just some of the questions I would ask and there are many others.

Your sleep might be impacted by a number of factors including: your dysthymia, your diet, your level of anxiety, your ability to relax, your ability to quiet your mind, what medications you are taking (if any), or a potential sleep disorder. There are other factors as well.

It’s important that you find a better way to sleep. Sleep is vital to your well-being and impacts your mental and physical health and the overall quality of your life.

I would recommend meeting with a therapist and a primary care physician to assist you in determining what might be wrong. If a sleeping disorder is suspected, the next step may be undergoing a sleep study. Your primary care physician can provide you with a referral to the appropriate specialist. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Weird Sleeping Problems

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