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I Think I Have Some Symptoms of DID

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From the U.S.: I took your sanity test and got a 50 in dissociation, 50 in PSTD, 69 in depression, and 70 in anxiety. I listed these results specifically because I know that these are symptoms of DID. Now, I am very forgetful, short term and long term when it comes to events, not with information though. That I feel others hold for me and give it to me when needed. I experience visual and auditory hallucinations, both internal and external. I also experience depersonalization and derealization, meaning that I feel that the world around me is not real. I have many out-of-body experiences and trances and moments where I feel I’m watching myself from afar. I feel that I have a minimal awareness of me shifting personality states in different situations. For example, a more social personality for communicating, a more confident one for presenting, and so on. I also have a lot of identity confusion where I feel like a boy some days and a girl others. I call myself transgender, but that does not seem to fit. The voices I hear are always either commenting or conversing and I am able to speak back. I also feel like my thoughts, feelings, behaviors are not always my own.

I Think I Have Some Symptoms of DID

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Thank you for writing. This sounds very, very hard. You and I both know that whatever is going on with you is very, very complicated. You’ve made some reasonable guesses, but it is unlikely that you have all those diagnoses. Although I understand that naming what is wrong may be comforting, it isn’t by itself necessarily going to help you feel better. I think it would be more helpful at this point for you to see a mental health professional to narrow things down and to develop a treatment plan. You don’t have to live with all this confusion, depression and pain.

Taking the quizzes and writing to us here at PsychCentral is a courageous and important start. I hope you will go the next step and find a therapist to help you heal. If you want to jump start your therapy, you could bring your letter and this response with you to the first session.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Think I Have Some Symptoms of DID

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