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Roommate Talks to Himself ‘Very Dark Disturbing Things’ Only Alone in His Truck

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I have a roommate. Our daily interactions are as common as would be expected. He is intelligent and polite. As normal as one would seem. Same employer for many years. Finishing college online, a bit late. Very disturbing thing he does once or twice a day, for 5-15 minutes he goes into his truck parked outside our apartment and talks to himself, screams sometimes. Things alot about freedom, and gov’t, sometimes incoherent babble, sometimes odd numbers. usually turns religious, about Jesus being nailed to the cross, and society paying for its sins. I have recorded more than one particularly “violent” of these episodes should I need it later. He then comes back into the apartment and we talk about work and football and there has NEVER been even a hint of mental illness or neurosis as I can see inside the apartment. Apparently he is employable as manaher of a large chain food service. His door to his bedroom is usually wide open when he is there. ..he studied alot and watches golf. He says he takes no medicines. He REFUSES to imbibe alcohol or any drugs. Once when his episode got particularly violent and the horn was honking and the truck shaking I asked him if that was him honking the horn out there. ..everything ok? He stated: “No that wasn’t me, it was someone else” then added quickly and quietly as he entered his room, almost hoping I wouldn’t hear it “that was my OTHER personality.”

I bought a gun. The rent is cheap. We have been apartment mates for about 7 months and have had deep, meaningful conversations and have grown close. Should I be alarmed or sleep armed? He seems to be a man of good character and moral standing. He goes beyond his budget to help friends of his. Feeds the neighborhood cats even though we don’t have any cats ourselves.

HOW COULD A PERSON BE SO VERY NORMAL ALL DAY EXCEPT BE SO DARK AND DISTURBING for only ten or fifteen minutes? The only ways I have tried to ask him about it is to go to the car window and ask him if he is ok…but he is so “into” his rambling he just says “yup buddy, so are 12 million other people and rolls up the window…which he cannot maintain for long because it is Florida and is very hot and he has no air conditioning in his truck. SHOULD I MOVE OUT? AM I GOING TO GET NAILED TO A CROSS IF HE GETS MAD AT ME OR SOMETHING?

Roommate Talks to Himself ‘Very Dark Disturbing Things’ Only Alone in His Truck

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Your concerns about your roommate are justified. He is displaying angry, lengthy outbursts. Though it is difficult to reliably predict his future behavior, his present behavior is clearly irrational and unstable. Low rent is a nice thing but not as valuable as your safety.

To answer your question directly, yes you should move out. His instability increases the risk for violence. Something is clearly wrong. It is not normal to behave in the manner in which your roommate behaves. It should be quite obvious that he has extreme anger and though it has not been aimed at you, it could be.

His symptoms require professional mental health treatment. Hopefully, he will seek treatment for what is leading him to experience these very strong emotions, but there’s nothing you can do to help. Leave that to the professionals. Please take care and stay safe.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Roommate Talks to Himself ‘Very Dark Disturbing Things’ Only Alone in His Truck

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