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I Believe I May Have OCD

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I think I may have OCD, I’ve got intrusive thoughts I sometimes think about 1 thing in particular quite a while ago I heard about someone committing a murder while sleepwalking and while I don’t really believe that I sleepwalk it still bug’s the heck out of me.

Basically I’ve thought about this before not too much but mostly I’ve had terrible thoughts of what if that happened to me and I killed a family member, I’ve gotten scared to the point of wanting to stay awake all night just to make sure nothing happens or blocking my doorway or by locking my door.

Mostly I’ve thought about my brother more or less, doing something to him for some reason he does irritate me sometimes but I still love him and I fear what would happen if that was the case with me what if I sleepwalked and did a horrible thing like that, I’ve asked god before pretty much every night to essentially smite me if I started sleepwalking, And I know I would never want to act on these thought’s because I made a promise to myself that I’d kill myself before I tried to harm someone in my family.

Anyway’s it really scares me sometimes it’s been a bit better since I’ve learned about OCD and intrusive thought’s but I still want to know if that is the case, I don’t have money for a therapist nor does my family, and I don’t feel comfortable talking about this issue with my family for fear of what may come. I also fear what if what if that happen’s what then, my brother’s life would be non existent then and he basically wouldn’t be able to grow old and get married or make a good life for himself etc., And I’ve done thing’s in the past that I think are OCD-related, Such as checking a lock a couple time’s to make sure it’s locked or checking the stove make sure its not on so my family won’t be harmed by the gas fumes or like sometimes I’ve rechecked our water spigot outside after I feed our family’s dogs etc.

I hope you can please give me a diagnosis while I believe you probably won’t be able to that well over the internet I hope I can get some kind of answer.

I Believe I May Have OCD

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You might be correct about having obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). You seem to be experiencing some of the symptoms. Undergoing a psychological evaluation would be the best way to make that determination.

All persons with OCD have intrusive thoughts. Typically, individuals experience these thoughts and obsessions and subsequently perform various compulsive behaviors in an attempt to relieve the discomfort associated with their obsessions.

The heart of your problems might be the lack of trust in yourself. You believe that you might lose control and possibly commit murder. Fundamentally, the root of your fears may be the loss of control.

It’s always best to focus on reality and that is particularly important when it comes to anxiety. People with anxiety disorders are prone to excessive worry about situations where there is a low probability of the feared events occurring. The probability of your developing a sleepwalking disorder and murdering a family member is extremely low. As a general rule, the lower the probability of something occurring, the less concerned you should feel.

It’s important that you seek treatment with a therapist. You can likely receive treatment at your local community mental health center. Most community mental health centers offer free or sliding scale services. There may also be ongoing mental health studies at a nearby university. You might be eligible for participation in an anxiety study and would then receive free psychological treatment and or medication.

OCD is a highly treatable condition. I hope you that you will make the effort to determine what services are available in your community. It will be well worth your time and effort. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Believe I May Have OCD

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