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I Hate Everyone and I Want to Kill Everyone Who Pisses Me Off

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I’ve never liked people because they are stupid in general and I was always treated like shit. I used to get shit, now I give it out.

I was in a dull marriage. I left for another woman. She turned out to be a sociopath. Attacking and beating me several times during the relationship. Eventually stabbing me three separate times and the calling the cops twice and lying to them to have me arrested.

This lead to difficulties in getting work because of the felony arrest, I plead out to a misdemeanor. Later this woman attacked me in my sleep, betrayed me to the police with another lie, stole cars money and property and fled the state.

Once I got out, I returned east only to be rejected by my family. I was turned out to the streets where I am currently homeless and penniless.

I hate where I am. I hate the people I have to live and deal with and I want to kill all of them on a daily basis! Bear in mind, I have NO intentions of doing so, but I feel this rage and anger every day, all the time. What can I do about it?

I Hate Everyone and I Want to Kill Everyone Who Pisses Me Off

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What happens to us in life, is almost always a combination of luck and decision-making. We can’t do anything about luck but we can do something about decision-making.

Perhaps leaving a dull marriage was a mistake. Maybe marriage counseling could have repaired the relationship. Perhaps not. Certainly, choosing a woman who is a sociopath is a mistake. Returning to this woman after she lied and caused you to become incarcerated, was a mistake. Perhaps there are more but at least these decisions, were mistakes. Everyone can learn to make better decisions and thus reduce or eliminate the penalties that we must pay for having made poor decisions.

Your anger at the people around you will do you absolutely no good. The fact that you have no intentions of killing them is good, but the fact that you feel this intense emotion towards them is of absolutely no value to you. In all likelihood, your anger towards these people is not only misplaced but is harmful to you. Your energies should be aimed completely at improving your life situation.

Take advantage of any and all counseling that is available to you. Your counselor can help you to direct your emotions, your energies, towards things that will benefit you and will become a tangible good in your life. I hope that you will someday have the life that you desire.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Hate Everyone and I Want to Kill Everyone Who Pisses Me Off

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