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Molested by Stepfather

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As a child I was molested by my stepfather and I have always had a difficult time coping with it. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I use to just be completely antisocial and either lock my self in my room cry or sleep all day. I was switched meds and for a few months I was ok. I was able to go to school and actually have somewhat of a social life. The past month or so I’ve notice that something is not right. The littles things make me angry. I overthink them and it gets to a point to where all I can do is cry and fight the urge not to brake something. Sometimes I have feeling as if I just was to hit or pull my hair or cause pain to my self that it might help. I have never felt so out of control. I can’t sleep, I have panic attacks at least once a day now. I know I need to get help but I hate the idea of having to go talk to a stranger about my problems. I feel like I’m going to completely lose it. What should I do ? (age 19, from US)

Molested by Stepfather

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A: You’ve already answered your own question … you need to get some professional help. Seeking help for a legitimate issue is different than just talking “to a stranger about your problems.” It is more similar to seeing your medical doctor if you are physically ill. Mental health professionals are trained to treat all the things you mentioned: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, thoughts of self-harm and the effects of sexual abuse. It could be that many of your symptoms are related to the abuse you suffered as a child. Why not see someone with the expertise to guide you through the complicated healing process rather than trying to cope on your own? You were powerless to stop the abuse but you can absolutely take control now and be in charge of your own healing! You have suffered enough. It’s time to get some help.

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Dr. Holly Counts

Molested by Stepfather

Holly Counts, Psy.D.

Dr. Holly Counts is a licensed Clinical Psychologist. She utilizes a mind, body and spirit approach to healing. Dr. Counts received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wright State University and her Masters and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Counts has worked in a variety of settings and has specialized in trauma and abuse, relationship issues, health psychology, women’s issues, adolescence, GLBT, life transitions and grief counseling. She has specialty training in guided imagery, EMDR, EFT, hypnosis and using intuition to heal. Her current passion involves integrating holistic and alternative approaches to health and healing with psychology.

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