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From Terhan: Hi, First i have to say that I cannot speak English well so excuse me for my writing faults.
I am 24-year-old girl, I have a problem that I think is growing every day! I am so hateful. I hate myself and some people in my family and sometimes even my mom and dad and brothers. I know its bad but I do.
I am angry and so so so tired! My body has pain like after a hard montaining…when I am angry I can’t feel some part of my body like my hands and feet…sometimes my hands shaking low. I can NOT tell my parents they are so busy and my mom is sick she has blood pressure and I don’t wanna concern her.

5 or 6 times when I’ve been under deep pressure and angry I have hurt myself. I slapped in my face that made some bruises on my skin…once I scraped my hand with a knife and I feel so sorry when I see that scare…but when I hurt myself I can feel relaxed.
I can’t live the way we are living, I wish I could but I cannot…I know the reasons of my sadness but I really cannot solve these problems. I think all of that is because my family and this truth that I still living with them! I cannot be separated because our culture do not allow me as a girl! We are like Jewish, I mean family is so important to us…and i think is BAD…can u plz guide me??
thank you.


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Thank you for asking this important question and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in the process.

Your stress level is probably adding to the problem. I would encourage you to engage in physical activities to help you manage stress at a core level. Yoga, walking, any form of exercise would be helpful in helping you dissipate some of the excess stress and anxiety.

Secondly I would find ways to identify the feelings you’re having by being able to talk to a counselor, a member of the clergy, or close friends.

Finally, I would make sure you are physically okay and have a complete physical. Sometimes there can be underlying medical issues that can be adding to the stress.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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