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Developmental Problems with Daughter

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From the U.S.: Not (fearful of) separation she will go to school and can be left with people without incident. In public though (she) is very clingy. Was non verbal in preschool which was 2.5 hours a day 4 days a week all year. Since kindergarten has spoken to adults but only when asked questions, which is great progress for her.

She has had some of what I think are anxiety attacks. When her sister who is 2 years younger started getting mobile, she would scream until I would pick her sister back up because she wasn’t suppose to be on the floor. She did this for about six months. Another is a chair that was moved about 6 inches from the wall. She cried for 20 minutes or more because it was moved. She’s also done this with pillows, toys, blocks, anything that is suppose to be some where and is moved a little or something slightly out of place.

The one today was over a worksheet with the letter Q. Write on top then there are 9 different pictures and you then color the pictures that start with the letter Q. Her sister was coloring ones that didn’t start with Q. I had to carry her out she would not walk an hold her she was so worked up because she had to color the ones with Q only.

When she is speaking even to her dad or myself she seems to stutter.

Developmental Problems with Daughter

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Has your daughter been screened for possibly being on the autism spectrum? I can’t, of course, make a diagnosis on the basis of a short letter. However, what you describe is consistent with some of the signs of ASD (autism spectrum disorder). I don’t suggest this to scare you but only to urge you to make sure that she is getting the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment. If she does have ASD, the sooner you get her to a specialist to learn appropriate treatments, the better. Many kids do improve markedly when they get intensive support early on.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Developmental Problems with Daughter

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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