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Could My Boyfriend Be Schizophrenic?

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My boyfriend has begun acting very strange, starting about 6 months ago. He started watching these videos on spirit science and developed an obsession with theories and conspiracies. He started talking about it to anyone who would listen. He broke up with me so I moved on and when he found out he was devastated but subsequently took me back. Over the months he has begun doing very strange things, some of which are:

-He accused me of keeping secrets from him and when I denied it he punched me in the face, and at a later date he did a similar thing when he thought I was talking to other men. I called the police the second time but dropped the charges as he was adamant that I do so

-He’s convinced people are talking about him including his friends. These days he stays in his house and doesn’t really associate with people.

-He gets increasingly hostile when other men look at me on the street, punching his hand with his fist and spitting in their direction.

-Whenever we walk by someone he raises his hand to his temple and back down again saying “I disagree with those terms and conditions” or some other chant and has expressed to me he does that because it blocks people from cursing him and gets mad when I object to him doing it, saying I was defending the other person.

-He has always been religious, but he now constantly quotes the bible and speaks about religion nonstop. He also says his name is Elohim (the Hebrew word for God).

-He gets frustrated when I don’t know what he is thinking and says if I just “come into the knowingness” like he has then we can communicate telepathically and I will know all things

-Says he loves me one day and the next becomes irrational and blows up at me over the smallest of things and says he doesn’t care at all

-Believes that when we’re having sex and he doesn’t orgasm he’s building up “sexual energy” and if he builds up enough we can create a child without even having sex (like Mary and Joseph)

-Repeats words and numbers before he eats and when he feels like people are talking about him (example: 31 love 31 vitality 31 bravery 31 destiny etc).

-Is extremely sensitive to criticism about anything.

-Believes sleep is a curse and when you sleep your mind goes to FEMA death camps (so he calls sleeping resting).

-Calls me stupid and a moron when I don’t get what he’s saying.

-He used to eat meat, now has sworn off it and only eats vegetables and fruits.

-Used to smoke marijuana heavily and drink a lot, now smokes rarely and doesn’t drink.

-Once to get away from an argument we were having he jumped out of my window onto my deck, which is a considerable height

I believe he may be schizophrenic but I have never confronted him, as he has gotten violent with me before and I fear if I reject his delusions he will hurt me. This is very distressing, as when i first met him he wasnt like this. Other notes, it got worse after he took lsd one day, and his father killed himself when he was 16, he is 19 now. He was also in a gang, (I convinced him to leave) which led him to be involved in all sorts of violent and criminal activity.

Could My Boyfriend Be Schizophrenic?

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Yes, he might have schizophrenia but only a clinician who has interviewed your boyfriend at length could definitively determine a diagnosis. Despite being unable to provide a diagnosis over the Internet, I believe his symptoms are very concerning.

I would highly recommend against confronting your boyfriend. He has demonstrated a potential for violence and any confrontation might anger him. He’s also psychologically unstable which makes it difficult for him to sustain a relationship. He is clearly not well.

Currently, as you have described him, he is a potential threat and you should not attempt to intervene or to treat his psychological condition. Leave this to the professionals. If you feel that he is a danger to you or someone else, do not hesitate to call the authorities or the local mental health crisis team. If the two of you are living together, you might consider temporality staying with a trusted friend or relative until he has sought treatment and is stable. This is a risky situation that requires the assistance of professionals. Stay safe and don’t hesitate to seek help. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Could My Boyfriend Be Schizophrenic?

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