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I Have Paranoid Delusions Two Weeks Out of Every Few Months

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They’re around different times every year. It seems to be random, but every few months, a get delusional to the point of not leaving my house for about two weeks time. It goes away instantly, but not before wrecking my life/relationships/stability. I suffer from major depression and anxiety. I’ve been on all sorts of medications, but these delusional periods existed before any meds came into the picture. I also suffer from ptsd due to trauma as a kid.

My delusions tend to be about aliens and the government. The more I focus on them the stronger they are and if I talk about them? They last even longer.
I’m not talking to my therapist about this, because I’m a danger to myself during those times and I’m not about to be locked away for it. They’ve already sent me away twice for suicidal behavior (unrelated to the delusions).

What could these be? They started when I was 15 or so. Early schizophrenia signs?

I Have Paranoid Delusions Two Weeks Out of Every Few Months

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Without more information, it’s difficult for me to determine what might be wrong. If I could interview you in person, I would want more details about your delusions. It’s possible that they are not delusions, but more information would be necessary to make that determination.

Understandably, you’re concerned about having to go to the hospital but you’re making a mistake by withholding this information from your therapist. If your therapist was aware of your symptoms, he or she would probably refer you to a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation. Delusions can be effectively treated with medication.

You believe that your delusions are random but have you tracked them? Perhaps they occur more frequently around the anniversary of a traumatic incident or when you have not slept, or so on. Try documenting your experiences. Maybe they are not so random after all.

You said that your delusions come and go. In that case, why not talk to your therapist about them when you’re not actively experiencing them and thus not a danger to yourself? Under those circumstances, you would not have to worry about hospitalization. That might be an ideal time to reveal this information to your therapist.

Your therapist is in the best position to help you but only if you’re willing to be completely honest about your concerns. Always, always reveal everything to your therapist. I hope that you will consider my advice. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Have Paranoid Delusions Two Weeks Out of Every Few Months

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