The symptoms have been there since childhood. And now affect me at work and home.
These include:
Difficulty putting thoughts in to speech
Difficulty following conversations
Short fuse/angry/aggressive
Very impatient
Easily distracted
Difficulty paying attention/tuning out/drifting away.
Difficulty with organisation.

My birth mum drank alcohol in the pregnancy so I’m also wondering if this has to do with anything.

A: I appreciate you writing us here at Psych Central. There is some research that suggests that children of alcoholics have a higher risk factor for ADHD. While it is not appropriate for me to offer a diagnosis I would agree that this cluster of symptoms warrants an evaluation.

The reason I suggest this is that there are a variety of excellent treatment options to ameliorate most if not all of the symptoms on your list — at least to some degree.

I would highly recommend you find a psychologist who does testing or a psychiatrist or neurologist who is able to make diagnosis. The psychiatrist or neurologist is likely to prescribe medicine, which can help. The psychologist may be able to pinpoint your relative strengths and weaknesses with regard to your behaviors.

I would just also highly recommend taking the VIA character strength test. It is free and will help you identify those character strengths which can help you feel and function better.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral