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I Believe & Think Weird Things

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Hello, to start off i want to ask why i have the urge to kill someone, i keep getting ideas and plans to kill someone i dont like. It occurs at random moments but more often when im pissed. I make real plans for it, things like injecting them with poison or making it look like an accident. And there is also another thing, i am really distant from other people and dont really have a social life anymore, i like it but am also unhappy about it at the same time. As that builded up i also started to have more strange things like talking to myself and talking very much like a toddler, people rarely understand me if i dont try hard enough. I also have somewhat my own religion, and i am the god. When i am falling asleep i always feel that i must lay down very normally within ten seconds because else some evil ghost sees it, but after that my guard ghost sets up a force field, so i dont have to care anymore. I also had some really strange hallucinations when i was younger, like seeing beheaded bodys with their heads next to them staring at me in the middle of the night, waking me up instantly. And also a sort of eaten apple thats tinted red with a birds mouth making a scary noise and chasing me. And theres more of those things. I dont thinks this is normal so please help.

I Believe & Think Weird Things

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You are concerned about the normality of your experiences and I share your concerns. It’s not normal to have the urge to kill. It may indicate that you are feeling out of control, not thinking clearly and you may be a danger to others.

Your symptoms also seem to suggest that you have difficulty distinguishing reality from non-reality. The urge to kill, isolation and losing touch with reality are concerning symptoms.

I would strongly urge you to have a psychiatric evaluation. The purpose of an evaluation is to determine if a mental health condition is present and if so, to identify the most appropriate intervention. Ask your primary care physician for a referral for a psychiatric evaluation. Make sure to involve your parents in this matter.

You should also go to the hospital if you feel out of control or believe that you may harm someone else or feel that you are losing touch with reality.

Intervention is important in cases where an individual feels that he or she might be dangerous or is losing touch with reality. With the right treatment, your symptoms can be controlled or eliminated, allowing you to return to a healthy state of mind. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I Believe & Think Weird Things

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