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Feeling Disconnected

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I’ve been dealing with severe depression and anorexia for around 3 years and because of it I have always felt exhausted and cranky but just recently (within the past 6 months) I have been having other issues. I am so fatigued that even walking is straining on my body, I become dizzy everytime I stand, I feel very depersonalized,I have a strange ringing in my ear, and I don’t have much emotion besides anger. also, I haven’t been struggling with any ED issues for a while, or self harm. but my drug dependency has greatly increased. I can’t even have a conversation without losing track. migraines are very frequent. and I’ve gained 10+ pounds and I don’t even care about it, I don’t really care about anything. it’s like everything is a dream.. my grades in school have fell dramatically and I don’t care (I come from a strict house hold and I’ve always had fairly good grades.. a’s and b’s) so I don’t understand why I feel this way? it’s like I’m dying. my insomnia is growing worse and worse. I’ve been seeing things again but I’m not scared because it doesn’t phase me anymore. I’m scared because I don’t know what’s happening. I’m a 16 year old 130 5’3 girl.

Feeling Disconnected

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Your symptoms are concerning. Your body may not be functioning normally. It’s possible that your body was damaged during your eating disorder and you’re experiencing the aftereffects.

You also mentioned drug dependency but didn’t specify which drugs you are taking. Did you mean illicit drugs or prescription medications? Your “drug dependency” might be contributing to your health problems.

You also feel “very depersonalized.” I’m not certain what you meant by that expression. Depersonalization is the experience of feeling detached from one’s body. Some people describe it as being an outside observer of themselves. They feel disengaged from their surroundings. Insomnia may be contributing to your depersonalization. Other potential contributors are your medical problems and or drug use.

It’s imperative that you undergo a medical evaluation. Ask your parents to assist you in seeking medical help. Once you undergo a medical evaluation, you will have a better understanding of what might be wrong. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Feeling Disconnected

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