Ever since I was around 14 I’be gone through weeks of depression and sometimes feel as if someone died but there really isn’t anything to be sad about. Other days I’m great and the depression is suddenly gone. Some days I’ll have extreme anxiety and everything becomes foggy like a dream. My head feels as if it’s detached from my body and floating upward and my hand doesn’t seem like its mine. theres no reason to be anxious and I work from home on my own schedule. I don’t know who to call and it’s hard to explain my issues out loud I just want to know why this always happens to me and how to make it go away.

A. It’s difficult to know why this is happening. It might be the result of a mental health disorder. It would be helpful to know how often these mood fluctuations occur and what events, if any, precede them.

You might learn more about your mood fluctuations by keeping a journal. Do they occur with any regularity? Are they cyclical? Do they happen after interacting with a certain individual? Do they happen at a certain time of the day or month? Are they worse if you haven’t slept the night before? A recent study┬áconducted by scientists at the University of Bonn in England showed that one night without sleep can cause schizophrenia-like symptoms.

Investigating the circumstances associated with your mood swings might help you to uncover their cause.

You also described feeling detached from your body. You did not specify how often this occurs. Had you recently used drugs which affect the mind, such as illicit substances or alcohol? The answers to those questions might help to explain your symptom.

My recommendation, is for you to begin documenting the events of concern. You should also contact your primary care physician and ask for a referral to a mental health professional. After consulting a mental health professional, he or she will recommend a specific course of treatment tailored to your needs. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle