A few months ago i met my favorite teacher, he and i exchanged cell phone numbers for educational purposes, but one day he texted me and asked me how my summer was going, i told him great and that i had was on my way to the beach, he then asked if i was wearing a bikini, i replied why does it matter, then he asked me to send him a few pictures of me in it to see if i wanted to start a diet he was using to loose weight, i knew that was a lie. I freaked out and deleted his text, then i found out i had to attend summer school with him, i’m really scared of him now and am constantly having nightmares about him and do not want to go. i haven’t told anyone and am afraid if i do he will do something to me.

A. You should immediately report this to your parents. There’s no reason to keep it from them. They need to be informed about what happened and your concerns about summer school. They may want to contact the school and ensure that you are not in summer school with this teacher.

As you suspected, his behavior is inappropriate. I understand your concerns and fears however, you must make this report even if you are frightened. The only appropriate way to handle this situation is to report it immediately. Your parents will know what to do. I hope that you take my advice. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle