I cant controll almost never ending racing thoughts alot of them can be very violentother times its paranoia about different things like im realy starting to beive my co workers are plotting against meand my emotions can change in minute to days from ican literraly do anything example i was put in a position that i knew i could handle was asked several times if i was ok and i replied yes but they coninued to help i feel vrrey erractic and scatter brained all the timebut it gets worse with stress

A. Racing thoughts are typically indicative of a mental health problem, especially if they are unrelenting. They may be a symptom of a mood or anxiety disorder. Clearly your symptoms are making it difficult to function normally.

As you noted, you can no longer control these “never ending” racing thoughts. Therefore professional intervention is necessary. It’s important to consult a mental health professional and report what you’re experiencing. Treatment can assist you in stabilizing your mood. I hope you will consider my recommendation. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle