From India: Am a guy of 18yrs. I and a girl are best friends for 2 years from our schooling days. Past year, we separated due to college. Now she is one college and i am another college. And it’s very distance for me to meet her (though I try my level best to meet her once in month) I used to share her everything feel of mine.. And she too was.
But after getting into college both of us got a new set of friends.

But still am spending her lots of time and my first priority is always she. But she started to give me the lowest priority. She s always online in whatsapp but responds me very delayed. That’s cos she has lots of friends to reply.. This is her stupid reason.

Even I have lots of friends. But still I didn’t change or turn stupid.

My question is..
Am i expecting something stupid.?
Or I have to move on with my new friends forgetting her (which is still impossible for me)

A: You are not expecting something stupid from a girlfriend. But this young woman thinks of you as a friend, not as a boyfriend. It’s very common for people to change when they go to college. College opens a person up to new friendships and new possibilities. It’s not at all unusual for couples from home to drift apart in the process. Her reason for not responding to you is not stupid. She is being honest with you.

I think you should let go and make yourself available to find friendship and love with your new friends. It will be difficult at first. But if you open yourself to people, my guess is that it won’t take long for you to find an interesting and important new group of friends — and maybe the woman of your dreams.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie