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I’m Hearing My Voice In My Head Saying Bad Things

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I don’t intend to those things. they just happen automatically: Hi, thanks for reading.please help me. I hear what sounds like my voice saying bad things in my head everyday. The strange part is… these sounds pops up out of nowhere and its not me saying them because I would never say those horrible things in my mind, it just happens. Does it have something to do with my past? I got molested when I was a child. I was bullied almost everyday for about 2years in school. I was a honor roll student before that. I started smoking weed and drinking at age sixteen. I had a severe near death appendix attack at the age of 18. I tried to kill myself with a razor at age 20( I thought my wrist was cut but I missed my vien by 1 or km) took one antidepressant pill in a mental instution. After I left there I became extremely paranoid up to this day. I almost fainted one day because I thought a man was gonna kill me. One week after I left the mental place, all the members of my home went out for the whole day and I was alone, and I felt this strange uncomfortable feeling and started cutting myself on my arm. I never felt that feeling before. And for four years I cut myself to feel better on 5 different occasions. I’m quiet and a loner.

I’m Hearing My Voice In My Head Saying Bad Things

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It’s unclear what may be causing you to hear voices and experience paranoia. Your traumatic history may be a contributor but given the severity of your current symptoms, it should not be the focus on your concern. It is more important to consult a mental health professional who can properly treat your symptoms. Once your symptoms are better controlled, you can then explore how your past might be impacting your overall mental health.

If you already have developed relationships with mental health professionals, inform them about your symptoms. If you feel out of control or that you might be a threat to yourself or to others, then go to the emergency room for immediate assistance. At the hospital, you can be evaluated and promptly given treatment.

The voices and paranoia are obviously not within your control. They are causing you a great deal of distress. Without treatment, they will likely become worse. I hope that you will seek treatment immediately. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

I’m Hearing My Voice In My Head Saying Bad Things

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